Why You Need To Create Your Own Information Products

Let’s face it there are a lot of alternatives to creating your own information products. You can sell someone else’s products as an affiliate. You can sell someone else’s products as your own. You can sell reviews of other people’s products.

But the best way to create an information product business is by creating your own infoproducts. Everyone agrees. Anyone who is making serious money creates their own eBooks, webinars, seminars and recordings.

But why?

In this article I’m going to share with you three reasons that I believe mean that you need to create your own information products in order to be successful.

1. You need to practice and grow to be an expert

One of the defining characteristics of an expert is that they have knowledge and experience beyond that of the average person. Knowledge is made up of two parts… facts and understanding. Facts you gather by research. Understanding you build by trying to put facts into some sort of order. Creating your own products is one way of being forced to do both those actions. Research is frequently a major portion in the creation of courseware. Organizing the facts is always a major portion in the creation of an information product.

2. You need to be perceived as an expert to sell high profit items

In order to move from selling low price, low value items into high profit items you need to be perceived as an expert in your field. After all, that’s why people are willing to pay the higher price of high profit items like coaching. There is only one way to be perceived as an expert — give your customers information that they want and need. Now there are, arguably, ways to do this without creating information products. But personally I believe that an information product is an information product because of what it is, not its price. In any case, free eBooks or webinars are amongst the best ways to convince your audience of your expertise. Articles and YouTube videos are great ways to interest a large number of people. But it takes larger learning content products to convince customers of your value. (And personally, I would argue that articles and YouTube videos are also learning content products if they teach).

3. There’s more money in products you create yourself.

Creating information products costs money. And quite reasonably, those who create the learning content expect to get the biggest portion of the sale. By creating the courseware yourself you’ll get the biggest portion of the sale. But there’s more than just that. The largest priced products can’t be easily resold. Things like coaching need to be delivered by the information product creator. If you want to sell high profit, high price products you need to be creating those products yourself.