How Information Products Can Boost Business

Information products are any product that contains information that can be used by someone. This is fairly broad and generic, but so are the possibilities for your info products to be utilized and generate additional sales. Online writers are massively successful writing the copy for information products and therefore should be considered. Don’t waste your time on the production of the info product when you can be preparing the launch of the product or partnering program.


Ebooks can be written about anything and are generally a longer document. Depending on the subject and intensity of the information it can be short or long. If you’re asking people to do things along the way, keep it a bit shorter. If you’re just giving information they can use in a reference format, it can be as long as you need to convey the information.

Special Reports

These are generally shorter and focus on one specific topic. You should give special reports away with eBooks or other information products as a type of bonus. This works into offering a ton of information for a low price, which is all about perceived value.


These is another information product that can up the value of your info product package. These should be considered a free product. When you provide a workbook, especially in a program where customers are using your program in a practical sense, you are drawing them in more. You are walking them through how to use your program and not just throwing the information at them.

Information products are not only products you can sell to make a bit of money off of (and, many of them are quite successful), you are putting yourself out there as an expert and drawing people in to your site. You can also use info products to build an affiliate network and have your info products sold for you.

Why You Need To Create Your Own Information Products

Let’s face it there are a lot of alternatives to creating your own information products. You can sell someone else’s products as an affiliate. You can sell someone else’s products as your own. You can sell reviews of other people’s products.

But the best way to create an information product business is by creating your own infoproducts. Everyone agrees. Anyone who is making serious money creates their own eBooks, webinars, seminars and recordings.

But why?

In this article I’m going to share with you three reasons that I believe mean that you need to create your own information products in order to be successful.

1. You need to practice and grow to be an expert

One of the defining characteristics of an expert is that they have knowledge and experience beyond that of the average person. Knowledge is made up of two parts… facts and understanding. Facts you gather by research. Understanding you build by trying to put facts into some sort of order. Creating your own products is one way of being forced to do both those actions. Research is frequently a major portion in the creation of courseware. Organizing the facts is always a major portion in the creation of an information product.

2. You need to be perceived as an expert to sell high profit items

In order to move from selling low price, low value items into high profit items you need to be perceived as an expert in your field. After all, that’s why people are willing to pay the higher price of high profit items like coaching. There is only one way to be perceived as an expert — give your customers information that they want and need. Now there are, arguably, ways to do this without creating information products. But personally I believe that an information product is an information product because of what it is, not its price. In any case, free eBooks or webinars are amongst the best ways to convince your audience of your expertise. Articles and YouTube videos are great ways to interest a large number of people. But it takes larger learning content products to convince customers of your value. (And personally, I would argue that articles and YouTube videos are also learning content products if they teach).

3. There’s more money in products you create yourself.

Creating information products costs money. And quite reasonably, those who create the learning content expect to get the biggest portion of the sale. By creating the courseware yourself you’ll get the biggest portion of the sale. But there’s more than just that. The largest priced products can’t be easily resold. Things like coaching need to be delivered by the information product creator. If you want to sell high profit, high price products you need to be creating those products yourself.

You Can Benefit From Selling Information Products Online

The information product business on the Internet is hot. There have been many Internet marketers that made it big with their own info products, and why not? There are many markets available for information products, and you just need to have solid and useful information that provides a good solution to a problem. Not everyone can solve their problems on their own, and that is why this works so well. However, there is a lot to learn, and that is where many people get stuck with this subject. In the following article we shall be looking into three reasons as to why you should start selling your own info products and why it’s such a great idea.

No business is risk free, and when you sell information products, it’s possible that your initial efforts might fail.

If, however, your results are disappointing (which probably meant you didn’t research your market carefully), it’s not hard to try a new approach until you succeed. While it takes quite a bit of capital to start a traditional business, on the internet you can start with hardly any upfront costs. This means, you can actually launch different info products in different markets, test them out, and go for the one that’s making you the most money.

Testing out new ideas with info products is a walk in the park. Information products have a distinct advantage over physical products in that you don’t have to worry about storing or shipping them. Unlike other types of businesses, you won’t have these costs eating away at your profits month after month. With digital downloads, everyone gets what they want -you can deliver the products cost-free and customers don’t have to wait to receive them!

Another benefit of selling information products is that it’s possible to create them very quickly and efficiently, even in one day. It has been done by Internet marketers and they’ll keep doing it.

As you get more experience, you’ll realize how simple it can be to launch products and market them to your mailing list whenever you want. Having a targeted list also simplifies doing research for your products, as you can always email your list and ask people questions. You won’t only be able to sell your products regularly, but you can gain expert status in your chosen niche.

You can do well creating and selling information products online, you just need to learn more and then take action. Most people are not sure how to begin or what to do, and that is a common challenge. It is all about perception, and while this may look really hard – the truth is that it is not. You should avoid feeling like that and just learn a bit more and do something with it. Just start planning because that is very important to see your clear roadmap in front of you.