How To Sell Information Products For High Prices Online

Information that carries high value not just in monetary terms but also in terms of creating the quality of experience can command a high price from a prospective buyer. And not just that, information which can be highly path-breaking like ones revealed by Rich Schefren, Eben Pagan, Jeff Johnson and many more internet marketers is even more in demand within the marketplace.

Information is as much necessary today as food and medicine. Today, information is treated like medicine to treat pain in life. There are 2 types of information: one that increases growth and pleasure, another that eliminates or even decreases pain in life. Especially information that removes obstacles is known to be path-breaking and hence is known as “breakthrough information”.

Value can be termed in different ways by different people. For certain people, money is all that matters and therefore money is value to them. For another group of people, inner joy and satisfaction is all that matters which is value to them. Therefore, value can be tangible and intangible.

Therefore, one must decide whether any information sold by you is going to act as a healing agent or it’s going to increase/enhance the overall satisfaction of a person’s experience of life.

Now, information can be sold in various forms: audio, video, e-books, books, group coaching, webinars, membership site, forums, or even a one-on-one coaching program.

It’s upon you to decide how you wish to accelerate the results you want your target customers to achieve. But first, you need to be clear about what you want to deliver as a result of your training efforts. After all, information products are solutions that enlarge the vision of your target customers and thus help them become happier.

Therefore, the price of a product depends on the impact it carries to enlarge the vision of a target customer or probably, remove a large amount of pain from a person’s life. Lifestyles are very important and if your information product is going to radically enhance the quality of a person’s lifestyle then it is obvious you can charge a high price for the information you’re selling.

But most internet marketers who have successfully sold information products have been able to deliver at least 10 X or even 1000 times the price of their product. That’s what has made them successful. And they were crystal clear of who their product belongs to. Not every Tom, Dick or Harry is going to be your target customer. Every person has a unique personality and therefore unique needs so not every information product is going to be useful to each and every person on the planet.

Your product has to be different and unique from all other vendors so you stand a chance to build a brand around your product.