How to Create Informational Products That Make Money

Creating learning content products can be the most profitable method of making money on the internet. For that matter it can be quite profitable in the bricks and mortar world as well. But there’s one problem.

How can you create information products that make money consistently?

In this article I’m going to give you seven tips to help you create learning content products that will make you money.

1. Always start with the customer and their motivators. Everything you do — from the product itself to the marketing of the product — needs to be focused on a targeted customer. You need to spend time determining who your customer is and what motivates them. Knowing your client and their motivations is the most important way you can ensure your information product will sell.

2. Focus your products on solving one problem for your customer. Your solution will most likely solve many problems your customer has. Cool. But your customer doesn’t care. All they care about it that it will solve the one problem they have. Everything you do must focus on that one problem and solving it.

3. If you’re writing a book, an eBook or using a script — write like you talk not like you write. It really doesn’t matter what type of learning content product you are creating you most likely are going to have to write the content. When you do write like you speak. Most people write using an artificial voice that frankly sounds silly when spoken aloud. You’re not trying to pass high school English any more. Just write like you speak. You and your audience will be happier with the result.

4. Either teach or sell, don’t try to do both! I don’t know how many times I’ve run into entrepreneurs who haven’t gotten this message. People do not want to be sold. They want to buy. They especially do not like to be told they are about to be taught when you are intending to sell them. Basic honesty rules. If you’re going to teach, teach. Don’t try to sell other products. Don’t try to sell services. Just teach. Trust your customers — if you produce a good product they will buy other products from you.

5. Don’t underestimate the time and effort involved in producing a quality learning content product. One of the worst mistakes a manager can make is to try to negotiate how long a product will take to make. It will take the length of time it will take. Accept it. If you want a quality product you need to spend the time and the effort. There is no free lunch.

6. Don’t underestimate the value of marketing. Making money with information products needs only three things. Know who your client is. Create a quality product that meets their motivating needs or desires. Put your product in front of your customer and focus their attention on it. The problem is getting your product in front of your customer while they’re still paying attention. That’s marketing’s job. It takes effort, skill and luck.

7. Keep it simple. Your customers are very busy. They have information flying at them from all angles. Constantly! They can only spend a small amount of energy understanding your learning content. Help them to understand your solution. Keep it simple. Your customers will reward you by buying more of your product. And that’s how you’ll really make money with your informational products.