7 Marketing Ideas For An Information Product

If you are getting started in marketing, and you want to promote an information product, there are many different tactics you can use. In many cases, providing information related to the product for free can help to generate an interest in the product, and there are numerous ways to go about doing just that, especially online. However, depending on your product, it may even make sense to use some of the more traditional, offline methods. Below you will find 7 marketing ideas you can use.

1. Article Marketing

One of the true staples of online marketing is article marketing. This is where you write informative articles related to the topic of the product you are promoting and distribute them online. You submit these articles to directories, where they can be picked up by other sites and distributed around the web. Along with each article, you would include your promotional link.

2. Video Marketing

This is very similar to article marketing, but instead of writing articles you create informative videos. These videos are then uploaded to video sharing sites where people can see them, and where webmasters can embed the video in other pages, helping to distribute your information around the web. With this technique, you’ll want to have a promotional link at the video sharing site, and you’ll want to promote your link within the video so anyone watching on another site will still see your link.

3. Online Radio / Podcast

Similar again to the two techniques above, here you are creating an audio presentation that provides information related to the product you are promoting. You can either broadcast it as a radio type show, allowing live participation with the recording available after, or you can simply record your presentation and make it available through podcast directories. Either way, you’ll want to have promotional links at the site and mention the link during your presentation in case someone is listening at another site.

4. Forum Marketing

In this technique, you are not writing articles, creating videos, or recording audio. Instead, what you are doing is participating in a forum where people are discussing topics related to the product you are promoting. Participate by asking and/or answering questions as well as engaging in discussions at the site. Your promotional link should be in your signature, and you shouldn’t mention it directly. In other words, don’t do anything overtly promotional or you may be banned as a spammer.

5. Create an E-zine / Newsletter

This is a technique that can be done either online or offline. What you would do is create an e-zine or newsletter type of publication which you can distribute either through email or regular mail, providing information related to your product. You will, of course, include your promotional links in the publication.

6. Post Fliers

With that, we move into offline techniques. Depending on your budget and the type of product, these can be very effective. For this, what you do is print an informational flier that describes the benefits of your product, and then tells how to get more information or how to purchase the product. Having a link printed on strips that can be torn off can work well for this.

7. Promotional Items

Another offline technique is to create and distribute promotional items. Things such as pens or notepads work well for promoting online products because they tend to get passed around and left in places where many people will see them beyond the person who originally received the product. Print your promotional link and a very brief description on the item, then give them out to anyone and everyone.