5 Reasons Why Selling Information Products Is Better Than Physical Products

Here are the 5 main reasons to why selling information products will lead to a much more stress free life than selling physical products. Information products are usually digital and so this provides a whole host of key benefits.

1. Information products are very inexpensive to make, you really only need to put in your effort, time and have access to a standard computer and internet connection. Physical products can be very costly to produce as you have to manufacture and design a prototype, then order in bulk with potentially very high upfront costs.

2. Information products can be made as digital products. Digital products are made of light! So you can never run out of them and there are no expensive warehouse costs that you would have if you had bulky physical products. They are also way more greener and friendlier to the planet

3. Digital products can be downloaded and accessed immediately. Therefore no shipping costs or handling fees for your customer. You don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders either!

4. The mark up on information products can be extremely high compared to physical products. This is because the cost to produce is so low. For a high demand information product you could be looking at 1000% or more mark ups

5. You can give away digital products as a way to generate rapport and trust with your future customers and build a high quality list of prospects. This is often just too costly with physical products

With the current economic climate and reluctance of banks to lend money, it is very difficult to get started with a business that sells physical products. You can get started selling information products, whether they are your own or someone else’s completely for free, all you need is an computer and internet connection!